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This is an original piece I'm working on. Hopefully I can put it out with the next year or so. Here is a basic outline I have put out for the world to see. Leave a comment at the end if you like.

The Beginning


On October 26, the city of July, the shining gem of the sky was destroyed.  Survivors spoke of hearing a deep bass thrumming and felt the vibrations that shook the city before seeing a bright light in the sky, beautiful and clear.  A brief moment of levitation; followed by utter decimation.  The city fell apart and crashed to the ground over a 20 mile radius.


The Protectors, who were tracking a group they thought of hostile were on the scene instantly and soon tracked down the source of the destruction.  Capturing her was simple but catching the others who were with her was difficult as they had gone to ground after the attack.  Only one has the ability to call them back and he won't do it.


Hero has taken over command of the group they are now calling the Bringers of the End.


But being alone with everyone, good and bad, looking for them is a bad place to be and soon each member eventually returned to Hero on his orders and the Protectors, the team who guard the worlds, now have on their hands children who can bring the end of the world if provoked.  A plan is set in motion to transform the children into heroes and therefore giving them an outlet for their amazing powers.


*Note: It is believed by a select few that the children are in fact, direct descendants from the bloodlines Elohim and Anunnaki. As the series goes along, it is found that somehow or another, each child carries godlike bloodlines from all over the world.


Crox Gen: The Team


There are ten members of the team.  A group of children who were found by Callie, the Primera.  Each member is numbered to gauge where they are ranked in the group.  This number can change during missions and revert back to their original number when back together as a group.  They think of themselves as a family with Callie and Hero as the parents and the rest as siblings (sort of).

Catalyst- Callie- Primera- Ability to synch into the groups powers and use them together.  Has given the group limited shared abilities. Has an untapped power potential and becomes unleashed through emotional provocations. Weakness is unknown at the time except the full use of her powers tends to weaken her.

            Simple Background- Seems to be the genetic duplicate of Cassadra Dragnov, daughter of the most feared criminal family in history and known second in command.  Has no memory of her past life though her actions sometimes speak different.  Knows things and seems to be working on a plan that she has set up a long time ago.


*Lighting- Natalia- Second- Abilities include uncanny genius intelligence, heighten strength/agility/reaction, regenerative healing, but her godlike ability is to bend electrical currents which allow her to fly, sense others, create various electrical powered bombs, swords and shoot currents from her hands. Weakness is Thunder.                                                                                           *Might change name

            Simple Background- Created in a lab by the unethical genius Dr. K but abandoned soon after her creation.  Raised alone by computers, she left the labs to look for her twin brother, Thunder.  Snatched him away from the company that held him.  She has a plan for the rest of the world that the others don't know about.  Callie relies on her for information, as she has her own plans.


*Thunder- Nathaniel- Second- Abilities include uncanny genius intelligence, heighten strength/agility/reaction, regenerative healing but his godlike ability is to bend sound waves which allow him to fly, hear long distances, delay sounds, and create various sound powered attacks. Weakness is Lighting.                                                                                                                          *Might change name

            Simple Background- Created in a lab by the unethical genius Dr. K but abandoned soon after his creation.  Wandered out of the lab and found by an elderly couple before their death.  Was soon adopted by a company, who used his intelligence to build machines used for war. Lighting snatched him from the company and now he seeks to destroy what he created, to atone for what he has done.


Hero- X7583-Third- Specialized military training, genetically engineered- Abilities include heighten senses/agility/reaction, high pain tolerance, immunity to most poisons and diseases but his godlike ability is to enthrall people to follow his every command and to use whatever skill or ability they have.  So far the only one who cannot be enthralled is Callie and Void.  Weakness is loss of senses.

            Simple Background- Born from an escaped couple of genetically altered soldiers, he was grabbed after their death and raised like they were.  He is ranked number one out of the 100 units that make up his army before Callie convinced him to escape.  Has two younger siblings who were put under his care as a test of loyalty.


Void- Kristle - Fourth- Abilities include higher bone density, higher than average strength, heighten agility/stamina/reaction but her godlike ability is to open portals that allow her to travel vast distances instantous alone or with others depending on the kinetic energy she absorbs.  Can create many portals at once or pick and choose who she takes with her. Later learned to be part Nightmare, the daughter of the Nightmare God therefore making her a Nightmare Goddess.  Abilities include shadow twisting, sucking life energy, explosive orbs, claws, wings and ability to enthrall all Nightmare creatures to do her bidding or make her own. Weakness to magical items.

            Simple Background- Born on Mars in Ellis Island, she was raised by her father who was hooked on chemicals.  Mother is dead.  Escaped to the Lunar colonies with her friend Blazer after her father's death by her hand. Has a strange dream of a monster claiming that she is his daughter and that she the herald to the end of the world.


Ryori- Fifth - A child from Russian name, he is born gifted yet weak in body.  Has trained all his life to overcome that weakness therefore he as an overpowering will that will get him pass anything. Godlike ability is a form of glowing pressure that protects him from any harm and can sent out as incredible energy blasts.  His ability is based on the lunar cycle, therefore he is unbeatable when the moon is full but sends him in a primal state rage and lust being the top two. Weakness is his own body.

            Simple Background- Raised in a privileged life as a son of the first families on the Lunar Colonies, he looks down on everyone who he believes is weak and unworthy.  Former Tri-World champion, he in Amberyl's companion as she saved him from an assassination attempt and he owes her a life debt.


Amberyl- Sixth - Trained as a child in martial arts, she is the current Tri-world Champion.  Godlike ability is water manipulation that allows her to stand water pressure of any depth, ability to swim vast distances in a short time, draw moisture from the air to create rain, fog or clouds, reform her body through liquid means. Weakness is emotional interference.

            Simple Background- As a baby she was found on the beach by an elderly man who raised her and taught her martial arts.  Knew she was special from the beginning and is fiercely protective of the oceans and other bodies of water.  Free spirited and casual, she jokingly bosses around Ryori who owes her a life debt.


Blazer- Seventh - Raised on the streets of Mars, Lunar colonies and Earth, he has street smarts, can hustle anyone, get anything, find any information, and never gets lost. Godlike ability is telekinesis based on heat manipulation that allows him to withstand intense heat/cold and create fire out of air.   Weakness is any form of sexual conduct

            Simple Background- Not much is known about his past except that he isn't from Mars or the Lunar Colonies.  All he knows is wandering away from a fire and being found by a group of street kids. Their leader, his sister, took him in and raised him to be the best he could be.  Befriended Void around this time and escaped with her to the Lunar Colonies after the death of her father. Has a scar on his cheek.


Psyche- Eighth- Found by the Protectors as a small child highly trained in hand to hand combat, heighten reaction/stamina, high intelligence and technical wizard.  Godlike ability is telepathy/empathy with the ability to create near flawless illusions. Weakness is chemicals

            Simple Background- Raised by the Protectors, she knows everything about being a hero and saving the world.  She is considered the leader of the MR Protectors, daughter and is treated as such.  She is excited to meet people her age though she is on the outside for now.  Has a boyfriend who is a member of the OR Protectors.


Farie- Ninth- Found by Thunder, she is highly intelligent but emotionally immature.  Can fly at high speeds but in order to fly she must sacrifice her true size and revert to a fairy size state.  She can keep her true strength, speed and speech volume.  Her godlike ability is atom manipulation, the ability to transform coal to gold, the color black to pink, air to water or vice versa.   Weakness are her wings

            Simple Background- Believes her family is dead after an invasion of her colony, she bounced around colony to colony before landing on Earth where she found Home.  Lived there for years before discovering her gifts.  On her first flight outside, she was caught in a net set by Thunder who was studying birds and fell madly in love with him.  Now she travels with him and the team while checking in on Home.


Nymph- Tenth - Raised in the wilderness by her parents, she is intelligent, understanding and highly observant.  Her godlike ability is mostly passive but it can affect the area around her.  She releases phonemes that can subdue any creature to be calm or cause them to attack, communicate through any language barrier, is immune to all natural poisons, and can travel at great speeds through the natural world. Weakness is physical harm

            Simple Background- Born with her gifts from a couple who are wildlife experts and activists, she spent more time in the wild than in civilization.  Has a small valley that resides in the last true jungle of Africa, she spends a lot of her time caring for the animals that have flocked there and protecting them from poachers.  Has noticed that wildlife in the valley have a higher intelligence than anywhere else.


The Protectors


A team of skilled or enhanced humans who protect the worlds from any danger.  There are three teams altogether but each team has an assigned area they protect.  The outer rim, mid rim and inner rim.  When it was decided that Crox Gen would need to be split, they are each assigned to a team.


OR Protectors guard from Mars outward to Pluto.  Suffered losses when the Helena Meteor took them by surprise.


MR Protectors guard from Mars to Earth.  Considered the best of the teams.


IR Protectors guard from Earth to Mercury. They don't protect as much as observe.




A sudden flood of dark formless creatures that have seemed to have invaded the world through several small portals around the world the day July died.  No one knows what they want other than to bring about death, terror, pain and want to rule the worlds...all of them. They infect the bodies of humans and animals, transforming them into monstrous Nightmare creatures.  Led by the elite of the Nightmares, so far regular technology has no effect on them.  The only ones who can fight against them are Crox Gen and the Protectors.


Damon- Called the King Ascended of the Nightmares, he wants to all the worlds for himself in order to rule the Nightmare Realm which was stolen from him by other elites.  Seeks to claim the girl that is said to create the portals that opened the Earth to the Nightmare Realm.


Elle-The Consort of the King, she plans on becoming Queen herself but that is only if she can claim as many souls as she can.  Beautiful and just as cruel she seeks to gather the souls of the most powerful on Earth.  Is easily jealous of anyone she thinks threatens her beauty or power.


Marcus- Second in Command of the Nightmare Realm, he is loyal to a point.  While he will follow Damon and his orders, he will turn on him and any other if they show a hint of weakness or doubt.  A cold and inhuman creature, he thinks that Earth is disgusting.


Adrian- An Elite creature from the Nightmare Realm that managed to slip through the portals, he is more beastly monster than anything human.  Gathering as many souls, human and Nightmare, to become more powerful, he proves to be a force to be reckon with as he leaves a path of destruction whenever he appears.




A large group home where a woman runs a takes in orphans, runaways and lost children.  Crox Gen admires and loves Michelle, the woman who runs it and often stop by to help out or to visit the youngest members of their group.


Michelle- A woman who can't bear her own children after the loss of her husband, she has decided to become the mother to all the other children who need one.  Is an exiled Elite from Titan, one of the moons of Jupiter.


Kitiara- A little girl with neko features thanks to the government experiments.  She is Hero's younger sister and the youngest of the group.  She is fiercely protective of her brothers and adores Callie.


Todd- A little boy who has visions who was a government experiment.  As Hero's younger brother, he is quiet and serious and often disappears and reappears without a word. He is the oldest of the youngest member's of the group.


Charlene- A young girl who knows a lot about things.  Since Callie brought her into the group, everyone calls her little sister.  A free spirit who will often watch the events around her, she tends to find trouble when she does get involved.



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